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Diploma Course Approved By NCT Govt. of India New Delhi

(Affiliated to AIECCE-All India Early Childhood Care & Education Delhi,Indira Gandhi School of Education) Affiliated to All India Institute Of Child Care And Education (A.I.I.C.C.E.)

Courses Offered:

Nursery Teachers Training (NTT)
Nursery Teachers Training (NTT)
Nursery & Primary Teachers Training( NPTT)
Primary Teachers Training ( PTT )
:1 year Diploma course ( eligibility 10th )
:2 year Diploma course ( eligibility 12th )
:2 years Diploma Course ( eligibility 12th )
:2 years Diploma Course ( eligibility 12th )

Nursery teacher plays an important role in laying the foundation of child’s life. A kid’s experience with his teacher can literally make or break his interest in learning. It is the responsibility of a nursery teacher to instill a sense of comfort, self confidence and lifelong love of learning in the child. Her most important qualification is to sow the seeds of good moral values, compassion and joy of learning. This wonderful experience stays in the lives of child as well as the teacher forever.

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NTT Haryana State Topper 2014-15 , Ms MAMTA D/o Mr. Begraj was from The Play House

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